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The wishbone formation is an offensive formation used in football. This formation consists of one fullback and two running backs lined up behind a quarterback. The style of attack which it gives rise to the name is known as the wishbone offense because of its configuration the field. The wishbone was a game changer and was considered to be the most productive and innovative offensive scheme in college football during the 1970s and 1980s. Emory Bellard is credited with the creation of this formation. He served as an offensive coordinator at the University of Texas and head coach at Texas A&M and Mississippi State. The wishbone formation was used in winning multiple national championships at the University of Texas under coach Darrell Royal and at the University of Oklahoma under Barry Switzer. Most of the founders of Wishbone Energy Partners graduated from these universities.  

Wishbone Energy Partners intends to be innovative and productive in creating value for its stakeholders, much like the football formation...a game changer.